Thursday, 6 October 2016

A request from one of my lovely readers - The best gluten-free bread recipe for a bread machine.

Good morning my cheeky mocha latte's,

Now I know that I said in my video that I will be doing a blog on FLOUR POWER and I will but I've had a request from one of my lovely readers asking about the best recipe for gluten free bread made in a bread maker.  Now I have only ever made bread by hand but so this was an interesting challenge.

I got my books out, I searched the internet and I think I have found a recipe that will make one large crusty ball of deliciousness....

3 1/4 cups of your preferred gluten free flour mix
1 sachet (7g) of dried yeast
1 1/2 teaspoons (about 7g) of salt
1 tablespoon of guar gum or xanthum gum (or 1 tablespoon of ground flax can be mixed with a little boiling water and added to the wet ingredients if you prefer a natural substitute)
1 1/2 cups of warm water (not hot, just hand warm) 
2 eggs at room temperature (vegan alternatives shown on Hints and Tips page if necessary)
2 tablespoons of oil (I usually use rapeseed but olive oil is perfect too)
1 tablespoon of honey or castor sugar depending on dietary choice

In a large bowl, combine all the dry ingredients (including the guar or xanthum if using) except the yeast.  Whisk together to combine and then put this to the side.

In another bowl mix together the water, eggs (or substitute) oil and honey (if using).  If you're using the flax, add it to the wet mixture.

Put the blade in your bread machine first and then pour in your wet ingredients.

Carefully add the dry ingredients on top of the wet.  Finally ADD THE YEAST as a top layer.

When the machine starts its mixing phase, use a spatula to scrape down the sides to make sure that all the loose dry mixture gets incorporated and then let the machine do the rest.

When the baking cycle is finished make sure you remove the bread from the machine.  I know that there is a warming cycle at the end of the bake but this steams the bread too much so get it out and get it on a cooling tray asap.

For an extra step and if you want a nice crusty load then pop a little oil on the top of the loaf and pop it under a medium grill until it crisps up - but this is just a personal choice.

And voila!  A lovely gluten free loaf.

I know that there are a multitude of flour choices and preferences out there but this recipe should work with the blend of your choice.

I will endeavour to get the flour varieties blog done either tonight or tomorrow though to help you make an informed choice.  Not all flours are made equal....

Have a happy Friday,


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