Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh a wanna take ya… down to Gluten-Free & Vegan Coconut and Lime Daiquiri Pie Country!

Good morning my burnished autumnal leaves,

Well it’s that time of year; the leaves have turned golden brown and are beginning to make their annual tumble.  Soon they’ll be clogging up the pavements and becoming bonfire fodder.  I suppose it’s a matter of perspective but after a really abysmal summer, I feel kind of cheated and am just not relishing the idea of winter being only around the corner.

So here we are, it’s the school holidays (again) and our weather leaves a lot to be desired.  I think we all need a good injection of sunshine so I decided to write about one of my favourite go-to recipes when I need to feel a calypso beat in my heart and in my tummy.

It’s my vegan, gluten free Coconut and Lime Daiquiri Pie.  It’s everything that you need to be.  It’s got the citrus tang that will tickle your taste buds but it’s creamy and smooth and just a little bit naughty.  Close your eyes, take a bite and you’re transported to the perennial sunshine of the Caribbean with the sand crumbling between your toes and an ice cold cocktail in your hand.

So strap yourselves in kids and let’s get baking!!

You’ll need a large spring foil tin.  You need this to be quite deep too, this is an indulgent dessert you want every slice to be generous with the topping and the filling.  My spring form tin is about 10 inches diameter and easily 3 inches deep. 

Literally oil the tin and put a circle of greaseproof paper/baking parchment onto the bottom.

For the gluten free, vegan short crust pastry

The principles of ‘regular’ pastry apply (e.g. half fat to flour plus sugar for sweet pastry) and although the results are slightly different they are very satisfying.  The pastry produced is slightly lighter in colour and more crumbly in texture.

You can use a food processor to make this but be careful not to overwork it. Making the pastry by hand is also easy but takes a little more time and effort.

480g of your favourite gluten free flour (rice flour alone also works very well)
240g dairy-free spread (straight from the fridge, it needs to be really cold – even put it in the freezer the night before and grate it into the mixture!)
1 teaspoon xanthan gum
120 g sugar
4 – 8 tablespoons very cold water


1.         Sift the flour and xanthan gum in to a food processor or mixing bowl
2.         If you’re using a food processes, cut the margarine in to cubes and pulse in the processor, or, if you’re working manually, grate the hard margarine into the flour and then use a dry knife to make sure the margarine gratings are coated in flour and not just gathering into one large lump.  Then use your finger tips, lightly run the mixture until the mixture begins to resemble breadcrumbs.  Your hands transfer heat and you don’t want the mixture to get too hot, so just use your fingertips very lightly, not the palms of your hands.
3.         Add the sugar now and mix gently using a cold clean metal spoon or fork.
4.         Add the cold water 1 tablespoon at a time and pulse (or stir using the fork) until the mixture begins to form a dough. Pull the mixture together in to a ball and kneed very gently until smooth (~1-2 minutes)
5.         Wrap in cling-film or put in a freezer bag and place in a fridge until required.
6.         The pastry will keep for up to a week in the fridge and also freezes well but let it rest in the fridge for at least half an hour before rolling out.
7.         Use a rolling pin to roll out the pastry to the required size of your tin.  You want the rolled out pastry to be large enough to completely cover the inside of your tin and up the sides too. Put some baking parchment down on your work surface and a small quantity of rice flour to stop the dough from sticking or roll it out between two sheets of cling film or silicone sheets as this will help get one even thickness.
8.         Using the rolling pin, very gently pick up the rolled out pastry and lay it into the tin.  Make sure you get the pasty right into the corners of the tin and all the way up the sides.  There should be enough pastry to spill over the sides of the tin, do not trim this, just leave it be, the pastry will shrink slightly during cooking and by leaving the excess over the sides this will make sure that after it’s baked the pastry will still cover all the sides. 
9.         Very lightly fork the sides and base of the pastry.  Don’t put your fork all the way through though.  Then using a piece of greaseproof or baking parchment, place over the pastry and fill the tin with a good amount of baking beans or dried pulses. 

10.       Blind bake at 180 (or 175 degrees C for fan ovens) for about 20 minutes.
11.       Remove the baking beans and greaseproof paper and continue to bake for another 5-7 minutes to make sure it is golden brown and completely blind baked.  We don’t want any soggy bottoms.
12.       Remove from oven and put to the side.
13.       Once cooled, take a sharp nice and skim the excess crust from the top of the tin.  You should have a nice, smooth crust now.

For the Daiquiri Pie Filling
1 package silken tofu (I use Cauldron 396g Organic Tofu)
5 limes – zested and juiced
65 grams caster sugar
250 ml coconut milk
Heaped tablespoon corn flour
2 tablespoons of your favourite rum (preferably dark)

For the topping/garnish

2 portion of Vegan Cream
1 tablespoons of your favourite rum
Raw coconut shreds and/or key lime zest to garnish


1.                  Drain the tofu and press between kitchen towel to remove excess moisture.  Break up into pieces and put in a deep bowl.
2.                  Add the lime juice, coconut milk to bowl.
3.                  Using a hand blender, blitz the tofu, lime juice and coconut milk until it is as smooth as possible.
4.                  Push the mixture through a fine sieve to remove small lumps of tofu.
5.                  Mix the corn flour and rum together to a smooth paste and add to pot.  Whisk in until incorporated.  Add lime zest and sugar and stir.
6.                  Over a medium heat, stir until the mixture thickens.
7.                  Take off the heat and allow to cool slightly.
8.                  Once slightly cooled, pour the thickened mixture into the pie crust.
9.                  Put in the fridge to set, this can take several hours.
10.              Once set and cold, top with the light fluffy whipped topping and garnish with the remaining lime zest.

11.              Close your eyes and imagine you’re at the beach!  Enjoy!!

I saw this on YouTube and loved it so much I had to share....

Until the next time my lovelies, hugs,


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