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Traditional Scottish Vegan Tablet Recipe - Step by Step photo's - An Idiot's Guide to Soya Condensed Milk

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Now I apologise in advance, for some this may feel like déjà vu because I have written a blog about this before.  However, I was making a fresh batch of this stuff for a couple of school fayres I’ve got coming up and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to get the old camera out and take lots of pictures.

I’m talking about The Carefree Baker’s Vegan Scottish Tablet.  Now in my original blog (see here), I wrote a very descriptive blow by blow account of everything you need to make the tablet but when I was making it this time I made a lot more soya condensed milk than I had previously.  This is itself is no issue as it means that I could make more than one batch of tablet (as I have two fayres coming up) and therefore I might not have to make the condensed soya milk next week too.

But, rather than making 2 x 400ml of soya milk, I ended up with about 650ml instead and this required maths.  Yes, this evening I stood in my kitchen and did some good old fashioned arithmetic and my bemused son looked on and said “d’you need a hand mum?”  No thanks Son, I got this!

So let’s start at the very beginning.  This post will not be as descriptive as my original blog, but I wanted to show you the steps.

For this recipe, as I stated I ended up with 650ml of soya milk so I adapted the recipe slightly. 
As 650ml is 1.625 times the original amount (400ml), I multiplied the rest of the ingredients (here) by 1.625 as well.  But you probably won't have to do this..

As you can see I used Lidl's own sweetened Soya drink - it's the cheapest and it does the job!  I used two litres in the slow cooker (which was set at LOW).  Remember NO LID.

Put in slow cooker along with 100 grams of caster sugar.  Stir gently and then leave it.

Now, I've been perfectly honest in my original blog that this will take hours and hours and hours and ... (well you get the picture). 

Because I had used two litres of soya milk this took about 18 hours to get down to 650ml.  

Every hour or so give it a stir.  There will be a film over the top of the milk as it begins to evaporate (like a skin you get on top of hot milk if you leave it to sit).  Skim this off as and when necessary.  As the mixture reduces you'll see the lines down the side showing you where it started so you'll be able to (roughly) guess how much it has evaporated.
 So I took it out of the pot after about 18 hours.  I could have left it longer but to be honest I was going out and didn't want to leave it alone for a full working day so I took it out probably earlier than I should.

You can see in the picture it was about the same consistency as double (heavy) cream, It would have got thicker and darker had I left it.  This is no bad thing.  I covered the mixture in cling film.
 I let the jug of condensed milk cool down before I popped it in the fridge overnight.

The next day (today), I took it out the fridge to let it get back to room temperature and prepared my other ingredients.

As you can see I have rice milk, olive oil Pure (vegan and gluten free) dairy spread and caster sugar.

 This is my trusty 10 litre soup pot.  It weighs a ton but it is perfect for tablet.  You need a big pot but I've explained that in my original blog.

Melt the butter, add the sugar, the condensed soya milk and rice milk.  Let these melt together and stir regularly so that ingredients don't catch on the bum off the pot.

Let the mixture get up to boil.  It will rise up the sides of the pot quite dramatically, just reduce the heat slightly to make sure that it doesn't boil over.  Watch your fingers and hands.  You need to stir this every ten minutes or so and it is molten sugar lava.  It hurts like hell so please be careful!

 Prepare your tins.  I used two lined with grease-proof paper.  Make sure that these are ready to go before you enter the final stage of operation Sugar Lava!

 As the mixture reduces right down (it took slightly longer for me because I hadn't reduced the soya milk as much as I could have).  TIP:  the more condensed the soya milk is in the previous stage, the quicker the the tablet mixture will reduce at this stage.  To get to this point took about an hour for me, but it may take happen any time after about 35-40 minutes so keep an eye on it.  Vegan tablet takes longer to get to this stage than the conventional recipe so don't panic if yours takes longer, this is perfectly normal.

When you're stirring towards the end of this final stage, you'll notice that the mixture clears the bottom of the pot when you move the spoon.  As soon as you can see the bottom of the pan you know that you are ready to move on to Operation Whisk.
Using a hand held mixer, take the pot off the heat and whisk whisk whisk for at least 3 minutes.  You'll see the tablet change colour as more air gets into it.  It changes consistency too and becomes lighter in colour.

Being very careful, pour the mixture into your pre-prepared tray(s).  The majority will pour out easily but you'll have to spoon the rest out as it will begin to harden and stick to the sides of the pot.  This is why some of the above mixture looks smooth and the rest looks granulated.  It begins to harden really quickly so try and get it out of the pot as quickly as you can.

Using the back of a spoon, try to make sure it gets into all the corners of the tray.

Before it sets, cut lines into the tablet; this will make it easier to cut after it sets completely.

Leave it to cool and set for at least a couple of hours.

Cut and store in an air tight container.  

As this is vegan it keeps for as long as you need it (or as long as your sweet tooth will let you!).

I hope that this helps you all start making tablet.  Honestly it's not as hard as it seems and after a couple of tries I bet you will have mastered it.

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