Hints and Tips

Hello and welcome to (what you will hopefully consider to be) my handy hints and tips section.

This section will be packed with great ingredient alternatives to ensure that you never go without your fix of sweet goodness.

Today I thought I'd share the one image that I always turn to when I'm baking for loved ones that can't eat/won't eat eggs.  It's simple and has never failed me yet.

Great Gluten-Free Flour Cake Mix  

Not all flours are made equal and therefore it can take a bit of practice to get the recipe just right. This is the best gluten-free flour mix I've found for cakes.  What do you think?

For a decent texture of cake you need the correct balance of starchy flour (such as potato or white rice) to bind things together.  Whole grain flours add the protein element that gives the structure.  Buckwheat, quinoa or millet are good choices for this.  A good rule of thumb is 60% starch to 40% grain (or ratio 3 parts to 2 if you're old school).

I'm going to write a list of flours and their properties over the next few days so check back for an update.

If you've got any questions, or indeed if you have found something else that works, please leave a comment below.


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