The Carefree Bakery Taste-i-monials Page!

I've decided to use this page for feedback that I receive from readers who have tried and tested either my recipes or my baking.

I've posted stuff on my Facebook page and Twitter but I think it's also a good idea to have it here too.

Below is feedback from a mum who has recently turned vegan; she has tried vegan tablet (my recipe) for the very first time and here is what she had to say when asked if she liked it...

"Yes! Like everything vegan I have tasted, it doesn't taste exactly 'the real thing' but funnily enough it tastes quite nutty [please note that it is nut-free and nut-safe] and quite biscuit-y in texture.  Like real tablet, I couldn't eat a whole lot of it at one time!".

This is a great start.  This lady was so chuffed that she had found vegan tablet because she was worried that this would be her first holiday season without this Scottish sweet treat due to her recent lifestyle and dietary choice.

I think it is important to reiterate that there are no nuts in any of my baking and everything is completely nut safe and but-allergy friendly; the "nut" flavour must simply be a product of the caramelisation of the soya milk during the condensation process.  The "biscuity" texture is due to the lack of fat in the product.  The real stuff is made with a lot of full fat butter and my vegan tablet obviously doesn't contain this.  The olive "Pure" dairy spread that I use actually contains a high level of water rather than fat.  I think that I'm going to do a bit of experimentation with coconut butter to see if I can improve the texture of the tablet by increasing the fat content.  However, albeit the texture of the tablet is slightly different to the real thing (yes it is slightly more crumbly and less creamy than its' full fat full dairy counterpart) this vegan version is still delicious and a worthy stocking filler or wedding favour for the vegan in your life!


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